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November, 2017

Volume 35 • Number 2

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The Fruitport Area News is a Bi-monthly paper mailed to all 6,000+ households & businesses in Fruitport and Sullivan townships, plus 1,600 subscribers and businesses surrounding these two townships. Additional copies are sold in area stores, as well.

Now in our 35th year, the Fruitport Area News has a reputation of credibility and factual accuracy, and is an advertiser supported community service journal. Most residents will read about someone they know personally in each issue.

We provide a copy of each paper to be read online. Please continue to visit us here.

In our continuing effort to be a true community journal, we welcome submissions of stories, photos, and other items of local interest. If you know someone locally who’s done something heroic or interesting, if you have a wedding, anniversary, birthday, Letter to the Editor, or other announcements for our area people, please submit it to us.

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